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Mini Salvage Show at Nostalgia >> Opening: Tonight

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I am currently working on putting together a display at Nostalgia on McCalla that will feature furniture by four talented designers and my own artwork, all made from salvaged materials.

Table made by Eric Griffin
The opening for the display will be during Nostalgia's First Friday Earth Day-themed celebration which is today, April 5, from 6-9pm. The display will be up all month thanks to Nostalgia's generous support of Knox Heritage and the fine designers in this show.

Table made by Eric Griffin

Storage Table made by Eric Griffin

Furniture will be by Dakota Montgomery, Dean Yasko, Eric Griffin, and Austin Ferber. Several of their pieces have been made using salvage from The Knox Heritage Salvage Room.

Tile Table by Austin Ferber

Hanging Shelves made by Dean Yasko
I will also be displaying artwork made using windows as well as other raw building materials such as hardware, windows, screens, and doors.

Storage Table by Eric Griffin
Hope to see you tonight, but if not, please stop in at Nostalgia on McCalla during the month of April.

Potting Table by Dakota Montgomery

Mini Salvage Show
at Nostalgia on McCalla
1401 McCalla Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37915
Facebook Invitation

Hanging Shelves by Dean Yasko

Photos of September Show at Bliss Home (Now Showing)

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For my September show at Bliss Home, there are still mason jar paintings on wood, but I've added new ones on slate roof tiles. The ones on slate are only $35 (a steal) so go to Bliss Home and get one... or three. If you are afar, you may also order them from my Etsy shop - more will be added this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

I made ten new pieces for this show inspired by an interest in the convergence of trends and classics in women's fashion today.

The image below has directly influenced these pieces- a Valentino ad I saw in Vogue a few months ago.

The vintage-looking lace dresses with hot pink and neon yellow embellishments. Be still my heart. 

Take a look at the beginning of the series inspired by this idea.

Using acrylic and spray paint, I dipped, painted, and spray painted stencils on lace and fabric and put them in antique window sashes and vintage frames.

I limited the paint color scheme to hot pink, neon yellow, gold, and even some black, which is not shown here.

I finished them off by signing the sides and even the fronts of some, in designer-esque fashion.

I'm excited to see where this series goes. I have to take a little break from this work but all ready have ideas for when I can pick it up in a month or so. Can't wait.

If you like what you see, it is available for purchase at Bliss Home this month. 

Next Show: Three Rivers Market

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About twenty of my mason jar paintings and a couple of other pieces will be hanging at Three Rivers Market next Wednesday, May 30, through Sunday, July 1, so while you're shopping there over the next month, please take a look. If you've never been there, I suggest going for their hot bar at lunch. My co-workers are obsessed and I finally found out why last week. Delicious.

I'm excited because I think the mason jars will be perfect there, and it will be a good chance to see how they look all together. Everything will be for sale, and if you buy six or more mason jar paintings, they are $5 off each.  They will also be available via my Etsy shop, and as they sell, I'll keep adding more to the wall at Three Rivers, so feel free to purchase however you'd like.

Here are a few that I've recently listed on Etsy:

Preserves No. 111

Preserves No. 109

Preserves No. 110

Hope you can stop in.

Work by Beth Meadows
May 30- July 1, 2012
Three Rivers Market
1100 N Central Street
Knoxville, TN 37917
Open 9am to 10pm Everyday

The Salvage Show: Letter Writing Boxes

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It's been a while since the Salvage Show, but I never shared my final pieces.

Last year for the same exhibition, I had wanted to make a bunch of boxes out of salvaged wood, paint parts of them, and display them in a big heap on the floor.

Then I realized how time consuming making one box is (and how I like the idea of building, but not the reality of it); I only made one for last year's show.

This year, I wanted to veer from the same idea. I still wanted to make boxes, but I wanted them to have more significance.

I've been writing letters lately and aspire to write more, so I decided to make my boxes about that very thing.

I made five boxes out of old bead board. I painted them different color schemes I enjoy- gold and black, maroon and red, red and black, etc. I sanded one and didn't paint it at all. I didn't add lids or covers to them. I like how the bead board has slits in the edges to that you can place papers in them. I wanted the contents of the boxes to be exposed, to remind the owner not to neglect its contents. They are boxes made for pencils, envelopes, stationery, letters from friends and family...

Here is my artist statement from the show:

“Sometimes when I put things in drawers and boxes in an effort to be more organized, I tend to forget all about them (until I move). I designed these boxes out of salvaged beadboard to display stationery I’ve been collecting and (my long lost friends) No. 2 pencils. My motive is to entice myself (& you) to write a faraway friend a letter. I want to honor this lost but magical form of communication, just as I wanted to give this wood a new beginning.”

They're Baaaack

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After almost a four month hiatus, guess who's back...

Above, I hold in my hand Preserves No. 100. I finally made it this week for my friend Alice, as promised about a year ago.

gold painted edges

My goal is to make five a week. Ambitious? Yes. Feasible? Yes/I think so/We'll see. Ha.

Preserves No. 101 for sale here

Though they're similar to the ones I made last year, you may notice a difference in them as I begin listing them.

There has been a shift in my work lately with color, as I have been drawing inspiration from current fashion and music. It's showing up more and more in my work, so it makes sense that it would happen here. Neons and metallics are a go-to at the moment for me.

hot pink painted edges

It reflects my sensibilities lately, to take an iconic object like the mason jar and give it a modern flair. Pop culture meets folk art, I suppose you could say.

No. 99

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I have one more mason jar painting to make to reach my goal of 100. Here is No. 99, which you may purchase here.

No. 100 has been claimed by a friend, so that leaves a few at Magpies Bakery and a couple that are also listed on my shop.

I thought at this point I'd know more how I felt about continuing to make these after I reached 100. I'm not burnt out on them, but I'd like to take a break to concentrate on some drawings I've been wanting to make on paper.

In other news, I just booked a show at a coffee shop in Memphis for February (more on that later) and am working on showing at a very popular dining establishment in downtown Knoxville come spring. (can you guess which?)