Beth Meadows

Next Show: Three Rivers Market

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About twenty of my mason jar paintings and a couple of other pieces will be hanging at Three Rivers Market next Wednesday, May 30, through Sunday, July 1, so while you're shopping there over the next month, please take a look. If you've never been there, I suggest going for their hot bar at lunch. My co-workers are obsessed and I finally found out why last week. Delicious.

I'm excited because I think the mason jars will be perfect there, and it will be a good chance to see how they look all together. Everything will be for sale, and if you buy six or more mason jar paintings, they are $5 off each.  They will also be available via my Etsy shop, and as they sell, I'll keep adding more to the wall at Three Rivers, so feel free to purchase however you'd like.

Here are a few that I've recently listed on Etsy:

Preserves No. 111

Preserves No. 109

Preserves No. 110

Hope you can stop in.

Work by Beth Meadows
May 30- July 1, 2012
Three Rivers Market
1100 N Central Street
Knoxville, TN 37917
Open 9am to 10pm Everyday