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When I was little, I wanted to be an artist. Not to skip too much, but this in turn led me to graduate from the University of TN with a BFA in Studio Art in 2007. As it turns out, I did in fact become what that white and wild haired little girl always wanted to be. It amazes me, and I'm grateful. 

While making art is an ever-evolving process, it is and always has been the greatest challenge and joy of my life. It's a joy because it's hard work that I love and can't get enough of.

I stayed in Knoxville because of the potential I saw for its budding art community. The challenge of being an artist in a small city over the past ten years has profoundly shaped my artwork. While Knoxville has provided many opportunities, it has driven me to focus and pivot all along the way. 

I'm grateful to have been the Director of 17th Street Studios since 2010, a work space for visual artists near downtown Knoxville. We offer private work spaces for as little as $50 a month. I'm not sure anyone can boast that low of a price, which is all thanks to the generosity of Redeemer Church where we are housed.

All day long, I am inspired by so much, and this is what I strive to connect with deeply when I make artwork. This list is, but not limited to: children's book illustrations, fashion magazines, architecture, well made vintage items, the confidence and/or insecurity of women, women's beauty, grace, & strength, food, fluffy animals, dusk, craftsmanship, materials (wood, paper, fabric), comedy, dark comedy... love, pain, heartache...

Though making art is my calling, I strive to live a well-rounded life, and my favorite ways to do this are the following: pet and talk to animals, thrift store shop, hike/walk/run/swim/float/play soccer (i.e. be outside), eat and drink good things with good people, look at magazines, read self-help & business books, watch funny shows on Netflix, make jewelry like I'm a teenager again.

Thank you so much for taking some time and please look around my site. If you like what you see, I hope you'll consider supporting me through purchasing something to enjoy for a season or a lifetime. I consider it the highest honor when someone makes something I've created their own, which in turn helps me live out this dream I've had for so long. 



PS Oh, and, please feel free to ask me any questions or send your comments. I'd love to hear from you.


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