Beth Meadows

They're Baaaack

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After almost a four month hiatus, guess who's back...

Above, I hold in my hand Preserves No. 100. I finally made it this week for my friend Alice, as promised about a year ago.

gold painted edges

My goal is to make five a week. Ambitious? Yes. Feasible? Yes/I think so/We'll see. Ha.

Preserves No. 101 for sale here

Though they're similar to the ones I made last year, you may notice a difference in them as I begin listing them.

There has been a shift in my work lately with color, as I have been drawing inspiration from current fashion and music. It's showing up more and more in my work, so it makes sense that it would happen here. Neons and metallics are a go-to at the moment for me.

hot pink painted edges

It reflects my sensibilities lately, to take an iconic object like the mason jar and give it a modern flair. Pop culture meets folk art, I suppose you could say.