Beth Meadows

With Bear Hands is now on Shoppe

Beth MeadowsComment

A couple of weeks ago, I began selling some of my mason jar prints on wood via Scoutmob's Handmade Goods and Art section called Shoppe

The way Shoppe works is that Scoutmob offers a discount off the retail price of products from artists, and the artist always receives the wholesale price. Scoutmob also takes care of shipping and some of the packaging materials on behalf of the artist, which is really nice.

Since opening my Shoppe, I've shipped my mason jar prints all over the country, which has been really fun. It's been a great way to spread my work to people who may have never seen it otherwise. 

Also, as an Artist-turning-business-woman, it's really pushed me to fine tune my methods of finishing and packaging work. These things have definitely been a learning process for me, but I find myself, over and over, asking the question, "If I were to receive my art in the mail, how would I want it to be presented?" That, in and of itself, has been extremely valuable. 

To visit my Scoutmob Shoppe, please go here. Happy discount shopping!