Beth Meadows

Art For the People

Beth MeadowsComment

Right now, I'm accepting offers on the following pieces of artwork.

Click on the thumbnails to view each piece's information. Then email with your offer. 

You can view all of these pieces (live and in person!) right now at Old City Java on Central Street near Jackson Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Offers will be accepted until noon on August 31 and each piece will go to the highest bidder.


This is the second annual Art For the People, and I do it for two reasons:

One- It helps me move work out of my studio to create more space for new work and

Two- I want to put original artwork into the hands of those that want it but may not necessarily be able to afford work sold in galleries. 

"Will she be offended by the amount I offer?" you might wonder. 

The answer is no, I will not be offended, because that's probably all I could offer, too.

I hope you'll participate and help this artwork move to walls to be enjoyed by more and more people. Thanks in advance for your offers!