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Now Showing at Fido in Nashville

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My show at Fido in Nashville started last Tuesday and will be up through October 29. I hope you'll stop in if you're in the area. 

Most of this work is from the past year, but there are a couple of new pieces made with fabric and paint. Each piece falls in line with the theme of fashion I've been focusing on over the past year or so. 

Hanging the show 

Hanging the show 

If you have any questions or comments about any of the work, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you're interested in purchasing anything, you can email me at or go here.

 Here is the artist statement for this show: 

My work lately has been inspired by a subscription to Vogue my sister gave me a few summers ago. Most pieces began by tearing out pages from these magazines- photographs of scenes, models, and clothing.

I enjoy looking at fashion photography for aesthetic reasons- colors and patterns, for example- but also like being aware of new trends. I admire designers' innovation and craft, and on a business level, like to see how they market their specific look. 

From a consumer's standpoint, I am intrigued by how much people are willing to invest in good design. I also wonder how important an item's timelessness is to them. 

This work is about design and the market that is out there for it. It explores trends and what it takes for something to be considered a classic.



1812 21st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37212