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Riding in Cars with Boys

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Bonnaroo, an unexpected time of reflection.

I ended up having a great time.

This isn't to say there weren't rough spots (i.e. sharing porta potties for eight days with thousands of other people), but my mind was distracted by what was good, and there was a lot of that.
Brian and Forrest
While Bonnaroo facilitated the experience I had, what I enjoyed the most was much simpler, and that was merely the joy of being with people. Constantly.
Being in Knoxville so long, it's hard not to compare college days with late twenties life. So much of my time is spent in solitude which is fine, but it was nice to shake things up a bit.

Though they were a feast for the eyes, it definitely wasn't the thousands of people that I liked being around but our small team of workers. We made art together, ate together, hung out in the mornings before we'd go hear music. We walked around listening to music and talked about how crazy everyone else was. Because they were. Absolutely crazy.

...I'll admit, too, the aspect I liked so much about this team was that it was predominantly male...

It's something my single female friends and I talk about, how male friends drop off the map as you become older. I know it's the natural progression of life as they move or marry, but I was happy this past week to have a little glimmer of my past. I've missed that so much.

It was also nice not talking about babies and pregnancy for a short time, as has become a common theme to conversation lately in my married friends' lives. 

Forrest sporting my grandfather's hat

Me varnishing the top deck for Bow Line
Dean helping with the varnishing
Beginning stages of the project Mirror Field, created by Jason and Lisa Brown
Another part of this trip I enjoyed was the collaborative aspect. I've been on several trips where I've built houses or painted fences, but making something sculptural with others outdoors, sweating for the sake of creativity, was new and refreshing. I've been hoping to collaborate more, and this experience allowed me to do that.

I also liked not having to think about the pieces conceptually but to just make. I can always appreciate anything where I don't have to think.

Mirror Field
Dean and Kevin put together the rainbow for Mirror Field
Katie and Willie applying mirrored mylar to Mirror Field clouds
Me painting the rainbow for Mirror Field
Carolyn working on one of the arches for Mirror Field
Centeroo ferris wheel in the background
Willie and Kevin working on the bench for Mirror Field
Dean takes a break
I hope this experience permanently flipped a switch. Since I've returned, I've talked with three artists about making work together. I'm excited about the prospect because it's time to hurdle some mental blocks I've had lately.

Teamwork. Applying more mirrored mylar
It could just be a rut, but when I hit points like this, I always tend to wonder if art might be fading from me all together. I don't know why I think that way, but I do. It's good timing to have some help from others.

In the meantime, I'll think fondly of painting the rainbow above that filled thousands of hippies with delight last week.