Beth Meadows

Exhibition Announcement: RAW Nashville, June 21

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My birthday is next week, and I have two wishes.

One, a hula hoop.

And two...

I would love, love, love if you purchased a ticket to my next art show.

I'm really excited about this exhibition. I'll be showing in Nashville for the first time next Thursday, June 21 at Mercy Lounge from 8pm to 12am. I've been asked by the organization Raw: Natural Born Artists to be a part of this monthly, multi-artist show.

It lasts one night and gives visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, and more a chance to showcase their work together. I will also have the chance to show in other cities nationwide through Raw once I show in Nashville.

Tickets are $10 and I have about 10 more to sell. To buy one from me, you can visit my Raw Artist Profile Page. If you'd rather not pay using paypal, you can pay me directly. Email me at, and we can work it out.

I hope you can come, but even if you can't, you can still sponsor me by purchasing a ticket.

This is a small but huge way to support me and help me get the ball rolling to show in other cities.

It will also be a great start to my 28th year!