Beth Meadows

Monday Funday Giveaway

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The opening on Saturday night went very well. Good people, good food, encouraging words- I'm very happy with it. It meant a great deal to me for those that made the effort to come out, so, thank you.

If you didn't make it Saturday, the show will be up until November 30th, so stop by the Birdhouse for another event this month to see the work. I'm in the process of finding out about holding open hours there, too, so be on the look out for that. Also, don't hesitate to contact me and I can let you in the space. I WANT to show as many people these pieces, so just let me know.

I will write more about the work later but am anxious to announce the winner of Saturday evening's drawing to win a Beth Meadows original.

And the winner is, with Per-Ole Lind as my witness...


Bethany, it warms my soul that you are the winner. I would like you to take your pick of the following, any time you are ready...

Canoe 2011
embroidery thread, acrylic on salvaged screen

IGA 2011
tin ceiling tile, graphite, colored pencil, marker

Reading Poetry by the Danube: A Peaceful Respite Between Two Sisters 2008
acrylic on canvas

or pick a house drawing from my show in September.

Happy Monday Funday, everyone.