Beth Meadows

I can't help myself

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I need to get something really important off of my chest.

I do NOT like Beyonce's new music and realize that maybe I never liked her old music either. Granted, I only hear what's played on the radio, and I try to listen to her songs all the way through, but I can't! Her voice, her lyrics- I can't stand it!

Even her old music that I kind of got, there is always a part that makes me cringe.

It bothers me because I'd really like to like her. She dances like awesomeness, and her music has potential, obviously. I'm just waiting for her to quit annoying me to death.

... ok... I feel better.

In other news, my guilty pleasure is listening to Rihanna, and if I could ever look as awesome with orangey-red hair, I'd do it.

Also, Halloween party discussion around the urban, starter-log campfire last night was about Brittany Spear's come back. She did it, y'all. She came back from the dead.