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The Dusk Love Series Continues

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The Dusk Love series began long, long ago, when I was taking a Printmaking class at UT in 2007.

Our assignment was to make a book, and I devoted mine to one of my favorite things: driving home- or wherever- at dusk, when everything becomes dark silhouettes against a glowing blue sky.

So I drove around Knoxville taking pictures from my driver's seat with my digital camera (yes, I said digital camera), and traced those photos- the outlines of street lamps, wires, buildings, and trees- to create screenprints.

In the end, I only bound one collection of prints and had hundreds of loose pages leftover.

Several years later, as my style evolved, I added the red, gold, white, and green lights. I took those pages and framed them. See below.

Fast forward to this year when I re-visited these images yet again, enlarging and altering them in Photoshop, something I learned how to do at the print and photo studio I worked last year. The title of this series is called Dusk Love (Ret), "ret" being what we'd put at the end of file names after editing them. 

Gay Street Bridge

Gay Street Bridge

Computers have never been my strong point, but I liked that this project allowed me to go in a direction I could not otherwise go without the challenge of using one. Seeing the small screenprints I made a decade ago evolve into large and striking graphic prints is a nice reward for the struggle computers give my brain. 

Old North Knoxville II

Old North Knoxville II


The Dusk Love (Ret) series is a series of 6 limited edition prints. Each edition is of 5. All prints are signed and numbered.

Right now, you may view these framed prints at The Tomato Head on Kingston Pike through May 1. 

Green Light

Green Light

In May, they will go to one or both of these places: Nest on the 100 block of Gay St and/or the With Bear Hands Gallery at Magpies.


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