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With Bear Hands Studio Purge 2016

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One of my goals this year has been to release a backlog of artwork from my studio out into the world, where it will spend the rest of its days. 

Lion Dog screenprint 2006

This work is from college and the past decade since school, much of it never before displayed. 

Bobejaan (baboon) poster of original screenprint 2006

Bobejaan (baboon) poster of original screenprint 2006

Here are the ways I have been moving this work and ideas I'd like to use soon:

1. Give as gifts to friends and family. 

2. Donate to non-profit organizations I want to support.

3. Giveaways via social media.

4. Hold sales at various venues and on social media.

5. Let it go to the highest bidder.

6. Trade with other artists. (Contact me if you want to trade artwork!)

TV Seat lithograph w/ acrylic & ink overlay 2007

TV Seat lithograph w/ acrylic & ink overlay 2007

Here is how you may get your hands on some:

1. Follow me on social media and be on the lookout for Giveaways. Follow instructions and win some artwork! 

2. Peruse this Facebook album, where I will be adding images frequently, to see what's available. Then leave a comment or email me at to wheel and deal.

3. Visit Good Golly Tamale to view works that are on sale or that you may bid on. 

4. Visit the Magpies Small Hall Gallery and purchase older work there. Email me if you'd like to discuss price. 

5. Visit my website's shop to see what's available. 

6. Schedule a studio visit to look at some work This is the best way to choose from all that's available. Contact me at to set up a time.

On the Tree that was Cut Down Photograph 2004(?)

On the Tree that was Cut Down Photograph 2004(?)

To give those of you who may not feel very comfortable about bidding a frame of reference, I would accept anywhere from $5-$50 for all the work that is in this post. Obviously, if you are able to bid closer to the asking price, that's wonderful because it helps my artistic endeavors, but the main goal is to put original artwork on your walls and help me move some artwork, so offer whatever you can. This opportunity also gives you the chance to own some unique work that I will most likely not create again. 

If there's anything I can do to help you help me help you, please let me know!