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That Verdant Moss, Tho

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Winter is coming, and I'm preparing. Here is my list of supplies:

  1. The Office
  2. Parks & Rec
  3. Harry Potter (never read it)
  4. Anne Lamott (never read her)
  5. write more (this is a start)
  6. my parents' cabin
  7. hot chocolate & peppermint schnapps
  8. hiking in the Smoky Mountains (always & 4evr)
  9. running (this will be hard, it's all ready hard with the dark)
  10. begin art projects for 2016 (i'm excited!)
  11. my Instagram obsessions: designers, musicians... Justin Bieber (what?!?)
  12. plan things- events, parties, trips (& letting go of other plans & planning)
  13. give away and organize (this task goes on and on)
  14. make spaces around me better (how do I finally act on this? what am I waiting on?)
  15. Kill Bill (sudden urge to watch both of them)
  16. Sleepless in Seattle (all ready watched When Harry Met Sally & You've Got Mail)
  17. find a beautiful coat
  18. ponder the allure of both pop culture & a simple life