Beth Meadows

Cat Ladies

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At the beginning of the year, I was inspired to begin a series of drawings called Cat Ladies. The idea was to mix images I saw in fashion magazines with portraits of female friends who love their cats in an effort to modify the stereotype.

I made two and then stopped.

Cat Lady I
acrylic, india ink, marker, and charcoal on chip board
32 x 40"
I had ideas for more, but while the first one was inspired directly from a magazine photograph, the second was more concocted. I realized if I kept making them, my natural aversion to photorealistic painting would take over and I'd begin fabricating the scene and situation more and more- straying from sleek, moving toward crude.

This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I really like the outcome of the second (below). I liked making it more than the first, but it didn't fall in line with my original intent which sparked a small and nagging thought.

Cat Lady II
acrylic, india ink, and marker on chipboard
40 x 32"
If I wanted to create gorgeous and sleek scenes, I needed to photograph them. So I wondered: How could I instantly become a talented fashion photographer and have access to elaborate interiors and gowns and dresses worth thousands of dollars? Hmmm.

While I pondered this, other ideas and projects took over, and the short-lived Cat Lady Series moved to the backburner.

Maybe I'll pick it back up again someday. I can envision being a fashion photographer in my 50s. By then I'll have a multitude of cats to use in my photos! Purrrfect.

Sidenote: Cat Lady I was inspired by a photograph in Vogue. Cat Lady II was inspired by a photograph by Luke Wilkins.