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Great news for my mason jar paintings

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I've been looking for a location to sell my mason jar paintings permanently in Knoxville and just found out last week it will be the Knoxville Visitor Center!

I dropped some off last week and they're all ready on display. I'm happy that these paintings finally have a physical home and that this home happens to be visited by thousands of tourists monthly. It's also the location of WDVX and the Blue Plate Special, so there's a lot to be excited about. 

Below are the most recent ones I've painted which I dropped off last week. They're a steal at $35 a piece.

Also, the Visitor Center asked me to be their First Friday artist this Friday. I'll be there from 5-8pm so please come see me.

The Mason Jar Series
by Beth Meadows
Friday, November 2, 2012
at the Knoxville Visitor Center
301 South Gay Street
Downtown Knoxville, TN 37902

As always, you can purchase paintings from this series on my Etsy Shop, too, and in case you want to know more about them...

The Mason Jar Series features acrylic paintings on salvaged slate roof tile by Knoxville artist Beth Meadows. The tiles are from the Architectural Salvage Program Beth manages for Knox Heritage, a non-profit that advocates for historic preservation in East Tennessee. The Salvage Program accepts donated historic building materials and, in turn, raises money by selling these items to people renovating historic properties or those with a vision to create something new.
The Mason Jar Series functions on two main levels: to recycle salvaged building materials and to promote historic preservation through its subject matter. The slate roof tiles used are from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in South Knoxville, designed in 1961 by architects Barber and McMurray. A portion of proceeds goes to Knox Heritage as well as Gloria Dei.