Beth Meadows

Ain't no party like a bananacorn party cuz a bananacorn party don't stop

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Back in December, I attended a white elephant party at a friend from high school's house.

My gift ended up being the image below, framed. No one tried to steal it from me later, and I can't see why not.

There's something inherently mysterious and delightful about the Bananacorn. Maybe I know deep down that I can identify with Bananacorn more than I could just a bowl of bananas or just a heap of corn. Bananacorn and I. We get each other.

So I decided recently to remove it from the back of my car (where it's been for the past seven months), dust it off, and hang it in my studio. (Thanks, Jorden)

Also, just for kicks, below is the gift I gave, which was in puzzle form. Yes, it was a re-gift (thanks, James and Abby), and it was a hit. It was traded several times whilst Bananacorn and I remained (out of force, but still) committed to one another.