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RAW Art Show in Nashville

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I had a great time in Nashville at the RAW Art Show last Thursday. A large contingent of my college friends now live there, so the fact that I was able to celebrate my birthday the day before with them and have them at this show was more than I could ask for.
My work at the top left and bottom
The set-up and preparation for the show was pretty intense. I showed up at Mercy Lounge around 4pm to hang my work. I met those coordinating the show and we worked out where my pieces would fit best. There were about seven other artists to accommodate, and there had to be adequate space for each of us.
Three of my paintings on the left
I can't overstate this. I'm extremely thankful my friend Cody was there to help me with the hanging system, a series of chains hanging from a horizontal chain. He stood on the ladder and moved the chains no less than 100 times as we painstakingly made it look as straight and well-balanced as possible.
I had to have a few mason jar paintings
In the midst of hanging, I had to change clothes, have photos of me taken outside and inside with my work, and was also interviewed on camera for promotional purposes.

With my friend Laura
This may not seem like a big deal, but I'm extremely camera shy, and moments before a show, you can multiply that quality exponentially.

On top of this, they also broke the news that they wanted me to stand in front of the crowd during the show with a painting in hand and answer a few questions. When they saw the look on my face, they told me I didn't have to. I took a deep breath and told them I'd hold a painting up there for them as long as I didn't have to say anything. Perfect they said.
Robert and Micah
Thankfully, none of the other artists that went up there with me wanted to speak either. So we held up our work for a solid ten seconds, smiled, and went back to being our introverted selves. Ahhhh.
With Robert
Even though I was being pushed out of my comfort zone, most everything went smoothly. Several friends of mine showed up which made me feel at ease. The show started at 8pm, there was music, drinks, and lots of people filtering through. I had a great time.
With friends Rachel and her husband Buddy
I also wore a new dress, courtesy of my mom for my birthday, which was greatly appreciated. I mention this only because I gave up clothes buying this year (Remember?), but since my mother offered to purchase, and I was desperate for something that fit and was pretty, I obliged. Thanks, mama (even though I'm pretty sure you don't read my blog)!
Good friends sorority pose when you ask them to. With Audrey and Andrea
Ben makes sense of my work for a crowd
It was fun to be a part of this show, to share my work alongside multiple artists, designers, musicians, and even a comedian. The show definitely spoiled me, to see so many people show up, to pay for a ticket and not even be offered free wine and food... sigh... I love so much about Knoxville, but the art scene is becoming one of those things less and less.
With fellow Knoxvillian, artist, and now model, Steph Untz
I feel more motivated to show in other cities and am excited to all ready have a show lined up at Fido's in Nashville in October. I'm entering pseudo-hibernation mode to make some new work I've been mulling over for a few months.

If you have any thoughts on places I could exhibit, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.