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My Bonnaroo Tradition? Mixin business with pleasure

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I leave for Manchester, Tennessee tomorrow. Bonnaroo doesn't start until Thursday, but I'm going early with a crew to help build a sculpture, or a Pod, to be exact.

Scoring free tickets to shows is a small hobby of mine, even if it means working for them. The only other time I've been to Bonnaroo, I volunteered, and though I received a free pass, I did also vow then that I would NEVER mix work with Bonnaroo again. The festival was loads of fun, but the volunteer experience was hellish.

Volunteer Tent: Trying to nap on break during our 12 hour shift. Miz.

When the opportunity arose for me to go again this year, I considered how different this time would be compared to my last. I'd be going with friends and making artwork. Plus, I was told I'd be fed, have access to showers, and be wearing an Artist pass. Although I'd be there for an entire week, I'd be living in the lap of outdoor festival luxury. I was all in.

But, oh, how the winds have changed over the past week.

I've learned that all those perks were ever so slightly exaggerated. I won't go into detail about it, as I'm trying to get over it as much as I can, but it's not going to be as glamorous as I was told (and then made up in my mind).  I fear this is my punishment for breaking my No Work at Bonnaroo vow.

VIP Tent: My brief glimpse of fancy Bonnaroo life. To know that sweetness, you never want to go back.

If I make it through this week of being exposed to the elements, I'll be sure to post some pictures and fill you in on all the details, and if you're going to Bonnaroo, come visit me at Pod 4. I'll be the one that looks like a lobster.