Beth Meadows

Make me wanna rhyme

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photo from YWCA website

If I could write poetry, I'd write a poem about my love affair with swimming.

Fleshy figure exposé

I go to the downtown YWCA, a beautiful old building.

The perfect ending to any day

The pool is in the basement.

White tiled pool, ceiling, and walls

It's beautiful.

The crystal clear aqua beckons. It calls.

I'm usually the only one there, except for the lifeguard. It used to be a little awkward.

Easing in, warmth outside and out.

I'm not great, but I'm getting better.

Makes me want to cheer, makes me want to shout.

I awkwardly try to sync my body movements and breathing.

The closest I'll ever feel to flying.

My thoughts are healthy.

And the furthest I'll feel from dying.

My heart at rest.

That's kind of extreme

but you know what I mean.