Beth Meadows

Hoop, there it is

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I'm back from Bonnaroo, and it's official. I want a hula hoop.

I'm wondering if it can be done in the privacy of my one bedroom apartment, just until I get the hang of it. I'll have to move some furniture around I suppose. Or if you hula hoop and want to hula with me, I could be up for that. I'm not ready for public displays of solitary hula just yet.

One day though, I could be that free-spirited looking girl with rock hard abs shaking my hips in the front lawn of my apartment building, looking as if there was not a thing on my mind. And then maybe I can take it on the road. One can always dream.

All this is to say, I did make it back in one piece, and I have many pictures and words to share. Stay tuned.