Beth Meadows

The Salvage Show: Closing thoughts

The Salvage Show has come and it has gone. Here are some closing thoughts.
photo from KnoxUrbanGuy
I created this exhibition last year, inspired by a desire to see some of the unusable salvage items I sell for Knox Heritage be re-used. The show this year was a little different from last because I asked the artists and designers to push themselves to make functional work.

Chalkboards made from windows by Jessie Van der Laan and Sara Martin
I really am so impressed with the work that all the artists made. It's so exciting to have an idea, to ask others to jump on the bandwagon, and to realize they are just as enthusiastic about the idea as you are. The enthusiasm really shows in the work made.

Bench made from door by Forrest Kirkpatrick
The show was one night. It took an incredible amount of preparation and only three days to take it all down. I had a lot of help from my interns and other generous volunteers. It was rough at times, especially the days following the opening, but that has all passed and now that the dust has settled, I know it was well worth the effort.
To see photos of all the items, click here. To see photos of the space and the event, click here.

Lots of people stopped in
If you see any item you like, or would like to purchase, you may do so by contacting me at You can also purchase through the Knox Heritage Etsy Shop.

Proceeds benefit the Salvage Program I manage for Knox Heritage and in some cases, the artists as well- both very worthy things to support.