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Don't worry, yall. Still eating pringles*

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I should clear something up.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a boy and since then have been asked several times about my "relationship."

I failed to mention at the time, but that boy was all ready fading from the scene when I wrote about him. I'm sorry to say, it was not meant to be.

But I knew that from the beginning.

It's easy to feel like a novelty being single in the South in your late twenties. A lot of friends I know dated one, maybe two people, and then got married. This has not been my experience.

I've been put through the wringer relationally speaking, more times than anyone should be allowed, but I realized not too long ago that it's my own damn fault because I've been giving the same type of guy** a chance for years. In the past, I was shocked when those relationships didn't work out, but now I know- I have a bad habit that I need to kick.

 Still, I am ever hopeful, not to meet the love of my life necessarily, but to be content with where I am presently, to quit reaching for things I want but aren't good for me. We're all a work in progress, you know.

So as I dust myself off from another pseudo-relationship, I aim to be a more sensible human being, and what I mean is, I'd like to begin giving nice guys a fighting chance. I'd also like to run from the bad ones. They are tricky (and I like them), so this will be difficult.

What will this look like? I imagine a future scenario, some guy with trouble written all over him approaching me on a lovely Friday evening. Me covering my eyes and yelling, "Noooo!" then bolting for the door.

If flirting is the gateway drug, this might have to be my new protocol. Don't even flirt with flirting.

It might seem extreme, but this is how I handle other bad habits. For example, I hate wasting time on Facebook, but I'm addicted to it. The solution? I don't have internet at home or a smart phone. I wish I was stronger than that, but it's the only way I've found to gain strength over something I know has an unhealthy hold on my life. Flee the scene.


By the way, like I always assure my mother, if I should ever meet the right person, no one will have to pry the news out of me.

It shall be proclaimethed from the rooftops.

*I wish Goldfish rhymed with single because I don't even like Pringles.
** the wrong one