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The New Year is upon us and yes, I've made some resolutions. I know some people think it's pointless, but I think it's a great thing to do. I can always use some motivation and goal-setting to move forward.

My resolutions have to do mostly with making better decisions for a healthier, sounder life. Many things in life are ultimately out of our control, but there are little habits I've formed over the years that are getting in the way of the things I really want.

Maybe I won't get those things in the end. I can't be sure of that now, but day-to-day, I'd like to see if it's possible to chip away some of the bad and add on some good.

So here are some of my resolutions in no particular order:

1. Be a fastidious planner.

I've been reading the Artist's Guide by Jackie Battenfield. It's really great if you'd like to or are thinking about devoting your life to making art. One thing she talks about early on is making goals and then making a plan to reach those goals.

One way she keeps on track is by printing out and hanging up a whole year's worth of calendars in her studio so she can see them all at one time. I plan to do this in the next week.

Amongst many art-related plans I need to make and keep track of, I am also excited about planning some vacations this year, something I failed miserably at doing last year. This girl needs an ocean in her life! Fast!

2) No clothes or shoes buying, at least until June, maybe until December.

There are several reasons why I'm doing this, but mostly it has to do with wanting to manage money better and to plan at saving and buying things that are more expensive. If I keep frivolously buying clothing (I have a mild addiction to dropping cash I don't really have every time I go to thrift stores or Target), I will never be able to buy certain things that are more out of my reach. This also ties into Resolution No. 1.

3) No fast food in 2012.

You're probably thinking Ew, fast food is so gross. That will be easy. But, no, it won't be.

Fast food is delicious, convenient, and cheap, and in 2011, I formed a nice habit of eating it at least once a week, maybe more. I sort of blame my friend of the male persuasion for this (guys can get away with eating crap way more than girls/I can). I also blame my addiction to salt, but I'm ending my love affair this year, not only for my health, but also to ponder over where my food comes from and how important that is to me.

With that said, I will miss you, Chic-fil-A 8-count nuggets and McDonald's french fries.

I've made more resolutions, but I'll leave sharing just these three.

May 2012 be a blessed one.