Beth Meadows

The best songs are like watching a slow-motion film montage

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It's all in slow-motion.

She's in the passenger seat of a car full of friends. She looks out the open window across the sun setting over an expanse, her outstretched hand rising and falling against the wind.
Cut to skaters, grinding rails, soaring though the air.
Cut to scene at a club. His dark eyes meet hers across the crowded dance floor.
Cut to him in a navy hoodie, jogging through his suburban neighborhood at night.
Cut back to car scene again, she and her friends are laughing under a pink sky.
Cut to gym scene where he's punching a punching bag, sweat running down his face.
Cut back to the dance club scene. His hand is on her side.
Cut back to skaters.
Cut to him with her and friends, running across a football field at night.

Cut to cliche, bad-ass scenario in slow-motion.