Beth Meadows

This is my life

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I'm sitting in my friend Amelia's den, waiting for her to walk with me to the Public House for a night cap.

Her voice calls out from her bedroom, "Guess what trend I'm bringing back?"

My mind begins sifting through the possibilities, but she enters the room before I can form an educated guess.

She holds up a pair of worn out leather boots. "Timberlands."

"Noooo." I say. "No."

We laugh and she asks, "Will you be embarrassed if I wear these?"

"No... I just don't want them to catch on."

"Oh, it's going to spread like wildfire," she says as she wraps the long laces around the the back of the high top and ties them back in front.

"The ole wrap around... you know what I'm talking about."

I do know what she's talking about.


They actually don't look that bad on her, but nothing ever does.


If you're curious about the evolution of Timberland fashion, I encourage a little image searching. Very interesting. Below is an example (from this website) Seems like they've stepped up their game.