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Last Wednesday, I received a Facebook message from Travis Gray, the Art Director for the Metro Pulse, asking me if I'd like to make an illustration for the cover of their next issue. The story would be about Locavores.

While my inner child was jumping up and down with giddiness, I emailed him back saying I was interested, and that I could try to find the time to do it.

A tiny part of me was trying to play it cool, but I was mostly worried about taking time away from preparing for my upcoming show. At the same time, to have an illustration on the cover of the Metro Pulse... how sweet would that be?

A few messages later, he hooked me when he told me I would be paid.



Travis gave me an initial idea to illustrate a couple gardening (see below - don't judge him for this, he made it in 2 seconds)

I made a sketch from his idea Wednesday night. (see below- don't judge me. I sketch like a monkey.)

He liked it, but Thursday morning, I woke up with another idea. I emailed Travis the new idea, one I thought would be more in line with the work I had been making and that would convey the idea even better. He liked it, and I thank him for trusting me.

As the initial pencil sketch progressed, I sent him photos of it. He made suggestions and I made changes. Once I got the sketch down, I painted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Monday morning, I made some final changes and emailed the image. I was so nervous, my stomach hurt.

Both Travis and the writer of the story, Cari Wade Gervin, emailed me to tell me it was a hit. It was a hit!

Two days later, I conveniently ran an errand downtown when I thought the paper might be hitting stands...

...there it was. My painting on the cover of a newspaper, framed out with text. I could hold it in my hands, and so could many, many others. Sooo fun.


I'd like to tell you that now I am able to go on vacation for a week to some place exotic and warm, but I cannot. There is more work to be done, and so, I forage on.