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I'm such a girl

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My sweet sister gave me a subscription to Vogue for my birthday this past June. Considering I haven't subscribed to a magazine since Highlights for Kids and American Girl Magazine, I had forgotten that feeling of excitement, to receive a magazine each month. (I'm pretty sure I squeal when I see it in my mailbox.)

What clothes, models, and photos will I  adore, make me swoon? And even, Which ones will be hideous?

Looking at me, you may not realize I have this interest. I don't spend a lot of money on clothing; most of my wardrobe comes from Target and thrift stores. I am also a minimalist when it comes to fashion. Less is more. This is what I tell myself, but it could also be that I am lazy.

I allow myself the occasional trip to the mall. I legitimately used to not like it, but I now admit that the reason I stay away from the mall is to avoid the temptation to buy pretty and expensive things.

^ I love this ad. Love it.

My sweet mother*, who tires of the fact that I wear second-hand clothing, tells me about once a year to use her credit card to go shopping. I did this recently, the first time since I've been receiving Vogue, and I felt a difference in the experience. I didn't just want any old thing, which has been typical of my 16ish to 25ish year-old self. I want the best, the most wonderfully designed pieces. I am meticulous in my search. If all of these designers are spending so much of their time designing and are charging an arm and a leg for their work, those buying their product better look smoking hot, right? I think so.

Sometimes (sometimes) I'm glad I don't have a lot of money. I'd be able to spend it all in the most frivolous manner.

For now, I'll admire from afar the beauty of the painstakingly tailored garment and well-designed shoe. I will also allow my paintings to be influenced by this recent interest.

* my family is sweet.