Beth Meadows


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Living in Knoxville is pretty spectacular. I'm a big fan, you can ask anybody, but there are fleeting moments when I get a little antsy here.

It helps, in these moments, to focus on the things that make Knoxville great, the natural beauty, the people, the local businesses. One such business on this list that I've always admired is Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress.

When Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley joined forces in 1996 to create Yee-Haw, they were pioneers in reviving the practice of Industrial Letterpress. To see their shop thrive on Gay Street for the decade I've been in Knoxville, to know they create and sell artwork in a city that doesn't sustain its artists, to me, it's so exciting. Their work as creative entrepreneurs is impressive and has always made me a little starstruck.

With that said, I'm pleased to share (giddy, in fact) that Yee-Haw has recently asked me to be in an art exhibition with them. I'm one of four artists to show work alongside their prints this coming weekend, August 19-21, at the Slotin Folk Fest in Norcross, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Folk Fest is the world's largest folk art show and sale.

They've asked for twenty of my Mason Jar paintings, and so at this very moment, I'm in my studio busting them out. After I make these, I'll have a few more to make to reach my goal of 100, and then I'll be done.

If you've been thinking about purchasing one, you still have a chance to do so via Etsy, the Market Square Farmer's this Saturday from 9-2pm, or by emailing me at