Beth Meadows

Rooster complex

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I love my cat Juicy, but she is a scoundrel.

Every morning, sometime between 4 and 7am, she begins meowing. It doesn't matter if she's in my bed or locked out of my room, she's up before the sun and wants me to be, too.

Feeding her shuts her up temporarily, but what she really wants is for me to start my day. So whether she's sitting outside of my door or next to my face, she meows every twenty minutes until I get up. I think she knows I need every hour of the day to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

"Get up!" I hear with every meow. "Live life! Work hard! Bring home the bacon! Literally!"

Once I finally put my feet on the floor for good, she follows me around, meowing for about twenty minutes. Then, THEN, she has the AUDACITY to jump on my bed and go straight to sleep. Each day, on my way out the door to work, I leave behind my slumbering jerk of a cat. 

If she wasn't so adorable, I'd send her to a farm where she could better fulfill her calling.