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House Painting: True Hollywood Story

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My parents' 35th(ish?) anniversary was in late June and so my sisters asked me to make a painting of their house to celebrate. I've been extra busy the past couple of months so it's taken me a second to get to it, but that only means it will be even more of a surprise when they receive it a month and a half after their anniversary (I'm looking at the bright side).

I don't typically share photos of my paintings in progress only because I work in layers and things change so much throughout the process. It's nerve-racking for me to show someone something that will look completely different in the end, BUT, I'm making an exception today.

Below is the photo I'm using. A winter time photo shows more of the house.

I drew it out last week and began painting it yesterday. At this point, it sort of looks like a 5 year old got their hands on it, but hopefully in the end, it will be nice and whimsical, happy, folksy and bright... or at least something they will enjoy.

As I make this painting, I have images in my head of two paintings my parents own of the Memphis homes I grew up in. They are by the same artist. Mine is the same size as those, but it won't share the same style. Hers are watercolor on paper and mine is acrylic on panel. Mine will end up looking a lot like this.

I'll post a photo once I'm done, for sure. In the meantime, if you speak with my parents, please don't mention this. And, parents, if you are reading this, I commend you for your savvy computer skills.