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About the Painting: Living Ghost

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I made this painting just after The Poltroon Hard at Work. I wanted to express the idea of being consumed with thoughts of someone else. In this case, the girl sitting on the sofa is being haunted by thoughts of the girl on the ceiling. It's called Living Ghost to convey that she is not being haunted by a spirit but rather someone still alive. This implies a rift between the two girls, the possibility that renewal is there, but the presence of difficult circumstances, rendering the situation hopeless.

Living Ghost
acrylic on canvas
about 4'x 3'

Most people know this experience, especially when romantic love is lost. It can be agonizing learning how to let go of a relationship over time.

The same agony can happen over a broken friendship, and may even be worse because of how unexpected it can be to lose someone you never thought you could "break up" with.

The painting expresses the idea of this more than the feeling.

The magazine in the table is this:

Judith Eisler made the painting on the cover. She was my drawing teacher one semester of art school.

And the Corgi is, well, I want a Corgi.

The space reflects the type of place I'd like to inhabit one day.

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