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Artist Talk at Lowe Mill Arts on "Good Packaging"

On July 28, 2018 at 4pm, I'll be giving an artist talk about my work that has been hanging since the beginning of June at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment in Huntsville. This show is entitled "Good Packaging." 

I'd love for you to come and hear about this work I've been developing and ask me any questions you may have. 

Below is my artist statement for the exhibition for reference. 


The Good Packaging Series first began in 2015, inspired by two unrelated things: a growing fascination with the fashion industry and my dislike for grocery shopping. To shift my perspective, I turned the grocery into an art store, buying alluring food package designs to use as materials, allowing colors and fonts to entice me for the first time, something I was taught at a young age not to do. It wasn’t quite like buying Gucci, but it sure felt indulgent, and I liked it. 

This series of supermodels adorned in collaged packaging has evolved into works made using recycled textiles and materials with bold colors and patterns.

I have always been inclined to recycle materials. As an artist, I’m overwhelmed by the message to mass produce work, as I see many artists and creatives doing on social media. I’ve also learned, through a podcast I listen to called Pop Fashion, how much of the world’s clothing ends up in landfills and how much of it doesn't break down easily due to synthetic fibers. I'm motivated to recycle what I can, finding beauty in discarded things. I acquire materials from unconventional places: parties, restaurants, thrift stores, trash cans, office supply stores, and more. 

This series has several themes:

Mixing accessible, inexpensive or free materials to reference high design, inaccessible fashion and unattainable goals

Supermodels/ fashion design as symbols for unattainable, idealistic or unrealistic goals

The layering of materials as a symbol for how people package themselves, physically and emotionally, making themselves more acceptable or pleasing to others, yet hiding aspects of themselves

The delicate nature of materials. While a person may be able to create an acceptable external persona, the internal still exists and will surface. The exterior is a delicate and unreliable facade.

My personal struggle with "packaging" myself physically- how it feels like clothing was not designed with my body shape in mind, how it can actually be really painful. As an act of rebellion, I buy beautiful clothing from thrift stores that I can’t wear and create something beautiful with it anyway.

My personal struggle with "packaging" myself emotionally

How internal beauty shows itself externally, in surprising and unconventional ways 

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