Beth Meadows


1. Follow @withbearhands on Instagram

2. Every week, I post an original piece of artwork on Instagram that you may make an offer on in the comments below.

3. Or you can Buy It Now:


4. Learn why I'm moving artwork this way: Go here.


  1. The idea of "Name Your Price" is for participants to offer what they are able to pay so they may adorn their walls with original artwork. There is no right or wrong offer amount.
  2. Artwork may be shipped in the continental US. Shipping cost is listed in the caption of the post.
  3. To make an offer, you must comment on the photo posted on Instagram.
  4. The highest bidder may pay using Venmo or will receive an invoice via email which must be paid with a credit or debit card by midnight EST the next day. If unpaid, the artwork will go to the next highest bidder.
  5. No returns or exchanges once payment is made. All sales are final. 
  6. Pick-up of artwork will be coordinated at the White Oak Gallery located inside Magpies Bakery on Central.
  7. If buyer is located in Tennessee, sales tax will be added to the final offer amount.
  8. All offers will be considered (so don't be shy!) but only the highest will win.
  9. BUY IT NOW- If you prefer to buy this or other artwork out right at the retail price, you may in the With Bear Hands shop. If this happens, Name Your Price will close early.
  10. "Name Your Price" happens every week (with some exceptions: vacations, holidays, etc.).