Beth Meadows

Narratives/ Illustrations

I love illustrating scenes using techniques and language I learned while studying fine art in school. As a result, I sometimes call this body of work Fine Art Cartoons.

While many of these paintings have a melancholy feel or are set at nighttime, they are also full of bright wonderful colors and many times have an element of humor in them.

The scenes I create are often inspired by real-life events, and then the smaller parts that make up the paintings are inspired by my love for a lot of things, including: old school Nintendo (oh, the colors!); comics (I was an avid reader of the paper as a child); cartoons (Saturday mornings were made for these as a kid); children’s books (James Marshall is my FAVORITE); architecture, fashion, and the design world as a whole; the mixing of luxury and glamor with the reality of my world in East Tennessee; memory.